Right, and so it begins…

August 25, 2009

So, I now have a blog. Isn’t that exciting…

I did always want to write one of these, but I didn’t want one where you just upload pictures and videos and such. I actually wanted something where I could actually write articles and things, as well as discuss my general doings, goings and occasional comings… (jokes to the usual numbers please…)

Now, because I’m new, not to the world of internet and online, but to the seemingly wonderful world of WordPress, I shall do some texts and demo’s to make sure everything works.

First, here is a picture of a cat in slippers.

Im not a fan of cats really, I just thought itd be amusing to do this.

I'm not a fan of cats really, I just thought it'd be amusing to do this.

Next, here’s a video of some Llamas in hats.

If any of this doesnt work, it will help me to sort it out for next time. Thats the idea really.

OK, now that’s done, I might wrap up now.

Hopefully some people will actually read this. If you do, please send pleasent comments in reply and such. That would be just great 🙂

Until next time, as Charlie Brooker might say, go away! 😛


One comment

  1. I’ve been on WP for motnhs now and have yet to upload a single photo *or* video so well done on figuring out how. Also I love your blog and have actually read all of it to date 🙂 J xxx

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