Music is an entirely subjective medium…

August 30, 2009

Can someone explain to me exactly why we all have such an opinion on music?

I mean, if we think about it, we all realise that music is one of those things that we all have our own personal tastes with, like with food or, well, that’s the only analogy I can make to be honest. But you get the idea. Music is something we all have our own preferences on.

So why is it that we all argue and disagree incessantly on the subject? It’s something that clearly confuses me.

Now I’m a metal head. I love nothing more than sitting back with a beer listening to a bit of Metallica, Megadeth or System of a Down. But I wouldn’t say I listen to metal only, because I’m huge fan of Pendulum, The Prodigy and other non-metal bands. But that’s just how I feel about music. It’s not going to be shared by many others, but that doesn’t bother me.

So why does it bother everyone else? Just because I don’t like 60s music like the Rolling Stones and The Beatles, or I don’t like the one pop music song that repeats itself all over Radio 1, doesn’t mean to say I should be put in the stock and have eggs hurled at me by 16th century chavs.

Music is just something we all have our own opinion on. Certain types of music and certain songs just give us that feeling that makes us feel so much better. When we have a bad day, we turn to our music to cheer us up. When you want to amuse yourself on a boring Wednesday morning, you put your music on to give yourself half a chance not to top yourself.

So I won’t complain if you prefer the Sugababes to Mötorhead, I’m not going to attack you for your love of Wagner, and I don’t really care if N-Dubz speaks to you in ways I can’t understand. Iron Maiden make me feel like living a fantastic life. And when I’m down, I’ll listen to Machine Head and be ready to face another day. And if you think that’s a stupid thing, then it’s you who clearly has the problem. Because we are all different, and music is the ultimate demonstrator of this.


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